Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Paella in Andalucia....

every country seems to have its rice dish and this one is a speciality of Andalucia in Southern spain... sit in a 'Chirringito' on the beach... kick back and order one of these... great food

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  1. Looks like a paella to me (please forgive any ignorance).

    Me & my brother on our first road trip to Spain were sat in a Restaurant, enjoying the first meal in 3 weeks that had not come out of a can or been eaten sat on the floor. A 2-man paella. Yum yum. Anyway about half way through there was a power cut & all the lights went out. We did contemplate on grabbing an extra bottle of wine from the bar & doing a runner, but it was sooo good we just couldn't leave. (& manoeuvring through a busy restaurant with a large hot pan in the dark would have been tricky).