Monday, September 13, 2010

Start Chopping!

The guys from Club Cafe Racer have wrapped up a competition which will be good fun. The challenge will consist in transforming a Yamaha SR250. The choice of the donor bike was made on the basis of its low cost and ready availability here in Spain.
The rules are:
Style: Bobber/Cafe/Racer (Choppers are excluded due to the tacky-ness of the donor)
Maximum budget allowed for transformation: €1.000 (What you get done 4 free doesn't count!).
The event will take place on January 2011 in Madrid.
Deadline for inscription: October 2010.
There already 15 participants so this will be fun!

For more info go to:

*The conditions of the event are written in spanish only, so if you need any help in english just drop me a line!


  1. Hi Friend,
    Thanks to talk about all that project.

    The event finally will take place on February, we will see.

    Good Blog !!!

  2. a bobber is a specific style of a period motorcycle... a bobber CAN NOT be built from a Yamaha SR250....

    people should learn what a 'BOBBER' actually is before they use that description

  3. Accept my excuses Rowan for the misconception. Unfortunately the term today has lost most of its original meaning.